Can a Negative Review Have Positive Results?

by Jan 25, 2018

A negative review left about your business can be soul destroying at the best of times. But this week I have witnessed a new form of cyberbullying prevail. The target was a local business owner and her reputation.

The business owner found her page come under attack after a dispute had arisen on a Facebook group she followed. Having received an angry private message from a member of the group involved in the dispute, the business owner was perplexed as she was unaware of the dispute.
The business owner was then blocked from responding to the angry messenger and explaining there had been a mistake. The business owner put up a status on her personal profile to clarify she was not involved in the dispute.

Could a Negative Review Be a New Form of Cyberbullying?

In retaliation to the status, the angry messenger left a negative review on the business owners Facebook page. The review was a malicious act because of a misunderstanding.

The situation continued to escalate on Facebook between the two parties. It was suggested the author had left malicious reviews in the past due to personal disputes.

Many comments were posted on to the status by other local business owners who had found themselves under attack from the same person. Is this a new form of cyberbullying against businesses? What is Facebook doing to protect businesses from such attacks?

Queen B Loves a Happy Ending…

Thankfully this story has a happy ending, which is a testament to the business owner in question. The negative review attracted a lot of attention to the business page. Many of the companies long standing customers flooded to the page to defend the business and leave their own reviews of the services. Due to the flurry of activity on the page and the power of a great reputation the business owner in question received several new bookings for her service.

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