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SEO Content Writing in Lancaster

Queen B Marketing and Websites also offer SEO content writing in Lancaster, available to clients throughout the UK. When it comes to content writing many web design companies offer a generic content writing service for clients. This content (especially older content) is often generic to your industry rather than tailored to your business. 

Why Do I Need New Content?

In business, it is very easy to forget how important your website is. When you are setting up the business it is just another thing to cross off the long list. More often than not when completing our marketing review we find that the content on client’s website is dated or incorrect. This can become frustrating and brings the overall user experience quality down dramatically. Therefore potentially increasing your bounce rate.

Your website content should offer clear information as to who you are, what you offer and where you cover. It should reflect your business individually, not just generic babble about your industry. The additional content should cover any questions a visitor may have and it should be easy to navigate too.

” I have worked with Emma for over 4 years and have learnt to trust her judgement and expertise. Her most recent work for us has been writing blogs – these have performed very well and have really helped with our SEO, particularly with the targeting of specific products and services. Highly recommended! “

Adrian de Candole

Blue Dot Display

Where does the SEO come in to it?

Well, your content is a crucial part of your overall search engine rankings. Google in particular have certain guidelines which you should follow in order to rank. While businesses all over the world are fighting for rankings on Google it is easy to forget it is not a marketing platform. Well, at least that is not its core purpose.

Google is an information search engine available to the public. It is an industry leader because they are meticulous about providing the most relevant information to the users search. If your website offers quality informative content about your subject which is easy to navigate to then it has a better chance of ranking. If the content is frequently kept up to date then again this will have a positive effect on your position.

” Emma has a very friendly attitude and is always professional and positive: A pleasure to work with. The advice that she gave was always of the highest quality, and any request that I made was dealt with efficiently, politely and patiently which I found especially useful given my limited understanding of digital marketing. I would recommend her without hesitation.”
Ransford Stewart

Stewart Management and Planning Solutions

Can Queen B Get Me Page 1 Rankings?

We cannot offer any guarantee of rankings, we have no influence with Google as a company. What we can do is ensure that your content is informative, relevant and easy to find within your site. In addition, we put all our content writing through the Yoast SEO software. This ensure we have followed the correct guidelines for the search engine optimization.  Whilst we cannot guarantee the results we do have a portfolio of clients who are very happy with their results

The Costs

We can provide SEO content writing in Lancaster and to clients throughout the UK regardless of who designed their website. If you are happy with your web design company but just need some help with providing the content we are happy to help. We charge just £100.00 per page and provide a minimum of 300 words per page. This content can be emailed over to you on a Microsoft Word document to provide to your web designers.