Is it acceptable to use Emojis on a professional Page?

by Aug 25, 2017

I think this subject of Emojis on a professional page is largely up for debate across the industries as the target market ranges vastly throughout them. Some industries clientele would expect emojis, such as fashion, makeup, or beauty treatments. Equally, however, I would expect it could put somebody off if say their solicitor was posting a winking face on their latest social media update.

So where do we draw the line on what is acceptable?

Social media offers businesses an opportunity to get to know their wider client base on a more personal level. It allows you to interact with your target market on a level no other media form has offered previously. We as business owners should take full advantage of this knowledge when considering marketing angles. If for example, you are a driving instructor, your target market range would be mainly 17-25 year old. It would be expected in this age bracket that emojis would be an acceptable format to use in communication. It’s all about knowing your target market and the behaviors that trend within it.

How Do I Know How My Target Audience Will React?

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