Logo Evolution and Building Your Brand

by Sep 12, 2017

Building a Brand

When it comes to my clients I have always been full of new ideas for their marketing and brand promotion.  However, when it came to my own business I found it so hard to make decisions. I already knew what I wanted my company name to be but the logo and branding just didn’t come to mind. My brother came up with my logo and with a few tweaks, I fell in love with it.

Before it evolved into the design it is today it had some different colours used with it that when silhouetted completely changed the tone of the design. I did not see this and it took my friend who is a graphic designer to offer the constructive criticism on my logo to create something that I didn’t even know I wanted.

So how many businesses are out there still using the same logo and branding they have always had?

I have spoken to many a business owner who at the time their business was established they did not have the funds to employ a graphic designer for their company logo. Many thought they could not then change this at a later date because the brand was established and it was what people recognised. But let us just take a moment to consider some of the worlds largest brands, Coca Cola, Shell Fuel, Pepsi, Mercedes all extremely successful brands all have seen logo evolution

What is Logo Evolution?

You do not have to completely rebrand your business if you are not happy with your logo. You can employ a graphic designer to come and discuss your existing logo and what you are not happy with and have them evolve your logo into something you can be proud of. I read an interesting blog online recently which showed the evolution of some of the most well-known brand logos. Click here to read the blog

Think about your branding, are you proud of it? Does it represent your business and its personality? Have you ever asked others what they think of your logo? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then call me today on 07507 138349, email me via my contact form or contact me on Facebook.  For £150 I can offer you an honest review of not only your branding but your online presence, your website and even make suggestions to help your marketing.

These reports offer you advice from an independent point of view with no commission targets to hit.