Website Content Writing

by Aug 15, 2017

The hardest thing I found when setting up my business was the website content writing, knowing what to put on there. Which admittedly took me by surprise as I have made a career of advising businesses what to put on their website.

But when it comes to your own business it is so hard to know what to write. This is because we all know our own business inside out We are all experts in our own field. We must almost forget what we know to work out what our clients would want to know. What questions would be in their mind looking at the website? What information would they want to see?

What Are People Using My Site For?

Consider why you have a website, is it for clients to find you? If a client was simply looking for a phone number they would do a Google search and call your number. However, if they click on to your website it is because they require further information. Google Analytics offers us the ability to watch our website user behaviour.  Think about it, if people are navigating around the pages of your site they are looking for something. The question is does your content offer what they are looking for?

But My Company Hasn’t Changed, Why Should My Website Content?

I have spoken to many business owners that have not updated their content in years, they simply say the business has not changed in this time. Even if we accept this to be the case I can guarantee their client base have evolved in this time, even if it’s simply the user behaviour from what device they now search for the company on.

What Can I do?

If you have not considered your website content in a while I recommend you contact me today. I am happy to assist with new website content writing you can find out more about this by visiting For just £150 one off fee, I can provide your business with an in-depth report of your online presence. This includes a full content review. The report is unbiased as I do not offer website design, it is simply a plan showing how you can ensure your website is client focused, where you can save money and how you can promote your business for free.

For more information on website content writing or my marketing reviews please do not hesitate to call me today on 07507 138349