We are seeing an increasing amount of concern on social media from the self-employed and small businesses. These are very uncertain times, there is no denying that. Much of what happens going forward is out of our control. The Covid-19 emergency seems to be affecting us all in different ways.

As it stands, the majority of us are still able to work and there is no advice suggesting we should not continue to do so. Therefore, now is the time to be pulling together and helping each other in whatever way possible.



 Try to stay as up to date as possible with the Covid-19 news without allowing yourself to become engrossed in it. Take pro-active measures to reduce contact in your workplace as soon as possible. Whilst this maybe more challenging for some rather than others, there are steps we can all take.

Furthermore, in taking such steps early on you are showing your customers that you are keeping one step ahead. Therefore, consider what your business can do, from no contact home quotes to enhanced hygiene measures.


Reassure your clients that you are taking the situation and their wellbeing seriously. Once you have decided how you will tackle Covid-19 contamination as a business you need to communicate this to your clients.  

You should release a statement on your social media platforms and websites to inform customers of contingency plans. Explain what changes you have made in the business to ensure minimum contact. In uncertain times we all need reassurance, communicating with your customers is the best way to offer this.


United we stand – divided we fall! Now is not the time to panic, now is the time to prepare. The effects of this outbreak will hit different businesses in different ways. Tradesmen may have cancellations on residential jobs, cake makers can’t source ingredients for orders, all of which causes a chain reaction. As individuals and businesses, you may think we have little control over such matters. This is not true; we can all do a little extra to help one and other.


Here at Queen B Marketing and Websites we spend a lot of time on social media. As such, we know there is still plenty of people continuing still asking for services, electricians, cake makers. Web designers etc. Therefore, we will tag small businesses wherever possible. This costs us nothing by way of money and very little in way of time, but we know it makes a massive difference.

What Can You Do?

We can all help each other in some way, every man for himself is not the way to survive. Whether it is sharing supplies with a competitor to recommending small businesses. What goes around comes around, you could share your supplies this week to a person helping cover your orders next week. Small movements make miracles.